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Artist Statement

NiFe (Jennifer) Lucey-Brzoza’s practice focuses on landscapes, both internal and external. NiFe’s current interest is in affect manifestation and embodied ways of perceiving. This inquiry explores the transference of wisdom and our human capacity to know beyond the use of language. The work is phenomenological in nature and researches sacred space, ritual, embodiment, identity, connection, and vulnerability as gateways to resilience both in ourselves and our communities through an unencumbered method of exploring universal landscapes. NiFe believes resilience is born of empathy for shared experience and faith that we are not alone. When we cradle this knowing we are whole and so is the world we create. 


NiFe (Jennifer) Lucey-Brzoza is a US-based multidisciplinary artist. Born with a boundless spirit and an insatiable curiosity, NiFe embraces the world as a playground of endless possibilities. Ideas flow effortlessly from moments of observation and study, shaping each creative endeavor with a distinct essence and poetry. NiFe attended the School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston in the early 2000s. The outset of NiFe’s career focused on design, photography, and film and has expanded to include dance, performance, installation, writing, and music.

For over two decades, NiFe has been a branding designer. She/Any owns and runs a design studio, product line, and art space, widely recognized in their own right.

Art Space: @nu_____v_o
Design Studio: /// @studio.oyay
Product Line: /// @noatpaper