Sundays starting on June 9th 2024

Sunrise to sunset

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my name is NiFe and if you are reading this you may have witnessed me walking and listening. I am a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on landscapes, both internal and external.

‘Hear’ is a durational performance that happens each Sunday from sunrise to sunset on a new patch of land. The first performance took place on June 9th 2024 in East Cambridge MA.

This work explores questions about what it means to be present for the spirit, ecology, and history of place. Through listening deeply I am looking to learn from the soil, biome, and human resonance of each specific locale. Every corner earth holds memory in its silt and bark, through embodied listening a sensitivity can open and an availability to hear what the land has to share is made possible. This practice is interested in recognition and reparation as an enactment. The question in research is what happens when we bear witness, listen completely, and stay present? What can be learned and how can it create positive change?

Durational performance art are acts of endurance. They often deal with time in a nonlinear way and focus on some act of doing with the body. The hardship is where the work comes alive and transformation is possible. In ‘Hear’ for the approximate 15 hours I am fasting and staying in steady motion walking in a circle on soil, grass, and weeds. The act of labor opens the door for the work to unfold and blurs the lines of living and art.

The selected locations are pieces of earth that stand bare yet to be disturbed by development or reemerged after development has been removed. These are places where the skin of soil is visible and direct contact can be made. With close connection, intimacy can be cultivated and the vulnerability of bare a surface can be heard.

The clothes I wear are all made from old bedsheets, the garments we wear when we contact the beyond nightly in our dreams. The color white has been selected due to its varied meanings cross-culturally as a color of peace, mourning, and death, expansiveness, and the color of all colors combined. The design is a syncretic mix of my cultural background, contemporary and vintage fashion, and my spiritual practices. The clothes follow the tradition of specific costumes for specific rituals.

The walking takes place during the exact window of daylight because this is an embodied awake dream, right here.